Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sympathy vs. Empathy

Kye finally got his cast off last Friday. We were all so happy. I thought I had been pretty sympathetic with him. I tried really hard to help him and be patient with him but apparently I needed a lesson in the difference between sympathy and empathy. So....

1 strollercise class + 1 huge klutz (me) + 1 big fall + 3 hours in the ER= 1 fractured elbow

Luckily, it's my left arm and I didn't have to get a cast. I'm just in a really cool sling for about 2 weeks. The Dr said if you have to break a bone this is the best bone to break because it heals quickly. So now I'm understanding all that Kye went through. There are so many things that I can't do. I can't roundbrush my hair. I can't buckle Lola's car seat. I can't wash our dishes. The list goes on and on. I never appreciated having 2 working arms so much until now! I guess I'm just glad it's only 2 weeks instead of 8. So lesson learned! The next time a Welker child breaks a bone I'll be better able to understand all that they are going through!

Happy Father's Day!

The kids made some really cute gifts for Todd at school and Kye spent many hours making a sign for Todd out of "bendaroos". All Todd asked for was chips and salsa from his favorite restaurant. We also made him his favorite dessert and bought him a nice shirt and tie, that he chose out of course!
My kids are so lucky to have such a great dad! They all love him so much. They love when he comes home and takes them out play. They love singing with him. They love playing games with him. They love going and getting ice cream with him. I think they associate all "fun" things with Todd. I'm grateful to have such a great father for my kids!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Favorite Friends

Ben was Kye's first friend. It was amazing to see how after all these years, the 2 of them just picked up right where they left off.

Some of our favorite friends, the Janousek's, came to town. We met them at the park with some of our other favorite friends, the Sabey's. Spending time with Terri really made me miss her more. She is truly the kindest person I know. Plus our kids love each other. These girls and I have a very strong bond. We all spent years putting our brainiac, professor husbands through school! (And I'm still not done!)

Little Miss Perfect & Romeo

I often find myself reminding Ashton that she needs to relax and enjoy being a child. The other day after telling her this she replied "Well, mom you know I am a young adult, now." I laughed and responded "You are not a young adult." She then informed me "Well, I am a young adult in training!"

Later that day, Kye told all of us that he wished he had a girlfriend. When I asked him why he wanted a girlfriend, he replied"So I can kiss her!" To this our "young adult in training" went on to explain her dating plans. "I'm not planning on dating lots of guys, only really special ones" she said. "After I've dated them for a long time then I'll kiss them 1 or 2 times." At this point I can't help but laugh. I believe her. She follows through on all her plans. This is the same child that writes out a daily schedule and follows it religiously. After hearing Ashton's well thought out plan, Kye replied "If I ever see a beautiful woman I'm going to walk up to her and kiss her and she's going to love me!"

Am I in trouble or what?

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Piano Recital

Ashton and Kye had a piano recital this week. They both did a great job. Hopefully, they have inherited their father's musical abilities!
It was Kye's first recital and despite having a broken arm for the past 2 months he played flawlessly.

Grandpa and Grandma's house = fun!

The kids love the wide open space at my mom and dad's house. Lola is already joining the big kids and wants to be outside the whole time we are there. The horses are always a highlight of the trip.
Lola loved the horses and has no fear of them.
I think we need a dog! Lola was hugging and kissing poor Lilly.

Kye's 7th Birthday

Thanks to my cousins, Nikki and Natalie, Kye was able to have his birthday party at a private pool while we were in Utah. It was so fun and the easiest party I've ever done.

Emily and I spent hours on the cookies and cake. I loved the way they turned out but I'm grateful birthdays only come once a year!

We had to have a pinata!
Tristan gave the pinata the final blow!
Our uninvited guest, a 5 foot long blow snake!

Clay and Chayla's Wedding

My favorite pictures at a temple wedding are always the first ones taken as they walk out the temple doors. The look on their faces says it all! The girls took their flower girl duties very seriously. It was raining off and on and they did not want Chayla's beautiful dress to get wet!

How cute is my new sister-in-law?!?! My brother, since 1st meeting her, describes her as "smokin' hot". It's so great to see him so in love!

Their true personalities come out!

My brother Clay married the girl of his dreams on June 5th in the Salt Lake temple. It was a beautiful stormy day and she was such a good sport despite the rain. We are so happy for them and are glad to have Chayla as part of our family.

Talent Show

All the cute participants of the talent show.
Because Ashton is in a combined 2nd/3rd grade class she was able to participate in the 2nd grade talent show, even though she is in the 3rd grade. She sang "Girls Night Out". She was so confident and did a great job all around! Maybe she will be like her dad!