Friday, February 18, 2011

Spelling bee

Ashton took 2nd place in her class spelling bee. She then went on to take 3rd place in her grade spelling bee. This qualified her for the school spelling bee. Their were 12 kids between the 4th-8th grades. Ashton studied very hard and when the day came we were all very nervous. As she began I prayed that she would just not get out on the first round but then she just kept getting word after word right. The words they had to spell were so difficult. Some of the words were baccalaureate, dishabille, obfuscate, staphylococci, impecunious and effervescent. Student after student misspelled words and got out. It finally came down to 4 students(2 8th graders, a 6th grader and Ash) they went several rounds and finally Ashton misspelled a word. 4th place in the entire school! Her whole class cheered so loudly, in fact, the whole 5th grade cheered for her. She was amazing!


Christmas was very sweet at our house this year. Lola was into everything Ariel.

Every year Santa brings a game half wrapped in Ashton's paper and half in Kye's. This years "shared" gift was Operation.
We decided that the kids could get up at 6:30 and Kye set his alarm clock. "Somehow" his alarm clock got turned off and never went off but sure enough Kye was in our room ready to go at 6:31.

Ashton and Kye both wanted cameras this year.

It was very important this year for Ashton and Kye to buy each of us a gift. I love seeing the spirit of giving in my children

Christmas Eve (I know I'm so behind!)

Every year for Christmas Eve my mom has a delicious prime rib dinner. We dream about the food all year round.
Lola never misses a chance to hold sweet Lizzy.
Grandpa Bud and Grandma Jean came for the festivities.

These three together spells t-r-o-u-b-l-e!