Thursday, December 23, 2010

Back to the ER

My Grandma Shirley has a great party that I was very excited to go to. We haven't been able to attend it for years. Lola prevented us from attending the party, again this year. We had been at the party for 20 minutes when I heard a big THUD followed by a scream. I immediately knew it was Lola. She was running with all the other kids and tripped. Her face hit the leg of a big wooden table. Her eye was split open and bleeding like crazy. So off we went to an all too familiar place. The Emergency Room. She had made it nearly 5 months without a visit. That's pretty good for her!
The saddest part of the whole thing was that she kept asking to go back to the "birthday party" but as always the ER was busy and we ended being there for 3 hours. So here she is, 5 stitches later and happy as could be! Honestly! What are we to do with this child?


This year for my Grandma Jean's Christmas party we went to my Aunt Bev's tumbling gym. I wasn't sure how I felt about the non-traditional party until we got there. It was a BLAST!
She has a bungee thing (to help kids learn to do flips) from the ceiling. Hayley got in it first and we all pulled on her as hard as we could and then shot her through the air. She went flying! I decided to try it but told everyone to remember I'm not as brave or coordinated as Hayley so go easy on me. I should have known with my family they would do the opposite of what I said and they all joined together to make sure I went as high as possible! It was such a rush!

There was also a giant foam pit that everyone had fun jumping in.

If you didn't jump in you got thrown in!
Lola has no fear!

It wouldn't have been a party without the jolly old guy!
Patiently waiting for their turn!
Lola has no fear of Santa and asked him for an Ariel doll.
Kye asked for a camera and Rudolph.
Ashton also asked for a camera.

Grandma Jean and Bud.
Grandma Jean gave each of the great-grandkids a gift. Lola is obsessed with Ashton and Kye's piggy banks. She got an "angel piggy bank" of her own and a roll of nickels to put in it. She could not have been happier!


My sister, Emily, and I like to pretend that we are crafty. When we see something that looks easy enough we try it. Back in October I had seen these ornament pillows on a local tv show. I thought they were cute so a couple of weeks ago Emily and I headed to the fabric store. After we'd bought all our fabric, I pulled up the tv shows website to get the directions on how to make them. It was then that I realized the tv shows ornaments had been painted on and not sewn! Luckily for me, Emily's a pretty good seamstress and we improvised. I think they turned out pretty cute! Next time I'll pay better attention and check the website BEFORE I buy my supplies!
This project was much easier and only cost $10! Love it!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Carriage ride

We went to the Riverwoods to visit Santa. Unfortunately, Rudolph had come down sick and Santa was at home taking care of him!
Fortunately, they were giving carriage rides. With the innate love of horses that all our children have they soon forgot all about missing Santa.

Polar Express

We took the kids to Heber to ride the Polar Express.
We didn't tell them we were going until we got there. They were so excited!

Grandma Cheryl gave each of the kids Christmas pajamas to wear on the train.

We rode the train to the "North Pole" and picked up Santa

It was such a fun trip!

1st Christmas

Our kids get 2 Christmases each year! Because their grandparents live in 2 different states they get to celebrate Christmas while we visit for Thanksgiving. This year we were in Arizona and they got a haul!

Kye is seriously the best person in the world to give a gift to...