Saturday, June 20, 2009

Little Miss Perfect & Romeo

I often find myself reminding Ashton that she needs to relax and enjoy being a child. The other day after telling her this she replied "Well, mom you know I am a young adult, now." I laughed and responded "You are not a young adult." She then informed me "Well, I am a young adult in training!"

Later that day, Kye told all of us that he wished he had a girlfriend. When I asked him why he wanted a girlfriend, he replied"So I can kiss her!" To this our "young adult in training" went on to explain her dating plans. "I'm not planning on dating lots of guys, only really special ones" she said. "After I've dated them for a long time then I'll kiss them 1 or 2 times." At this point I can't help but laugh. I believe her. She follows through on all her plans. This is the same child that writes out a daily schedule and follows it religiously. After hearing Ashton's well thought out plan, Kye replied "If I ever see a beautiful woman I'm going to walk up to her and kiss her and she's going to love me!"

Am I in trouble or what?


Isa said...

Amber!!! I love those kiddos! How true to their personalities! What a fun story to share!!!

Emily & Cody said...

Oh my! I am laughing so hard right now! The bad part is that I think Kye is going to have the good looks to get away with it!

Hayley said...

How funny and the best part is picturing the expressions on their faces as they said these things, I know just how it went in my head. Good thing our kids say such funny things once in awhile so we can keep our sanity.

Jordan Merrell said...

That totally made me laugh!

Jaime Stephens said...

hahah that is awesome you are in trouble