Sunday, October 26, 2008

Lucky Kye

My dad got another new horse. He named it after Kye. Kye met his name sake, Lucky Kye, while we were visiting. He was pretty happy to have "his own" horse. I don't know about lucky but the horse sure is unique. He has one bright blue eye and one brown eye!

Pumpkin patch

We went to Utah to visit for a week. We got to have a little taste of Fall. We enjoyed a day with cousins out at the pumpkin patch. The kids loved choosing out their own pumpkins straight from the field.It made me miss living near family.

Hank's Home!

My baby brother, Hank, returned from a mission to Lima, Peru. My parents and other brother, Clay, went down to pick him up. They toured Peru and even went to Machu Pichu. Hank has not changed at all. He's not even weird like most returned missionaries he's still the lovable, super- fun guy he's always been!

Our Guests

My sister Hayley, her 3 kids, my friend Angie and her 2 kids all came and stayed with us for 6 days! It was a marathon of fun! We did all the fun So Cal things and had a blast. They brought the flu with them from Utah and it passed through all of us but we didn't let that stop the fun. The kids were troopers. Ashton even went to school and didn't tell the teacher that she was throwing up every time she went to the bathroom. She was afraid if she came home sick she'd have to miss Disneyland! Oh, the memories!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Big Girl

Lola continues to break my heart by growing up way too fast. We bought her a high chair and she loves it. She has even begun to "scoot" on the floor. I just want time to stop and live in these moments forever.

More Fun in the Sun

My kids found the starfish pool at Sea World and they were loving it! There was a sign asking to keep the starfish under the water so Ashton spent her time going around telling all the naughty little boys that they needed to keep the starfish in the water. What can I say? She is the typical first child, type A personality.... just like her mom!

The never ending vacation just continues!