Sunday, July 31, 2011


The kids and I went with my family to Island Park for an amazing vacation. Todd stayed home to work on his dissertation. Very soon he'll be done and able to join us for all the fun stuff but in the meantime we just go on our own. This was our beautiful cabin.
Not only was the cabin beautiful but the views were equally amazing!

Lola loves her grandpa Mark and he loves her! I think she's his favorite grandchild! (I hope my siblings don't read this)
The kids loved the hot tub.
Everything in Yellowstone is absolutely amazing.The prismatic pools were our first stop. Lola made me a little nervous near the boiling pots but luckily there were a lot of extra hands for her to hold.

The whole fam minus Todd.

Old Faithful didn't disappoint. We made it there just 2 minutes before eruption.
Isn't good old fashioned fun the best?

We saw all kinds of animals. We saw more bison than anything else.

This is where Yellowstone got it's name from the beautiful yellow stone in this canyon.

I felt a little funny posting this photo because it looks like a family picture but nope that's Cody and Milo not Todd and Kye. Oh well, we are one big happy family!

We visited a beautiful natural spring in Island Park. The water was crystal clear.

The kids favorite part of the trip was their souvenirs. Can't wait to get back up there!