Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ashton's big day!

For Ashton's birthday this year she asked everyone to contribute to her "swim with the dolphins" fund. We have been waiting for a hot day and had record breaking heat this week so her long wait finally came to an end and she was able to do the dolphin interaction program. She loved it! She didn't stop smiling the whole time! Her group was a bunch of young girls and Ash quickly made friends. Her dolphin was named Annie and has had 6 calves. They danced with her, talked to her, walked while holding her fin, splashed with her and just had a great time! What a great memory!

Balboa Park

Ashton lives in her own little world. She has such an imagination and spends hours running back and forth making up stories in her head. She got caught up in one such story at the fountaain.

We hadn't been to Balboa Park since moving back to San Diego. With Kye's arm in the cast we can't go to the beach so we decided to visit Balboa Park instead. It is such a beautiful place with so much to see. We feel so lucky to be so close to so many great places!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Kye's new cast

Kye got his new cast this week. I didn't realize it would cover his whole arm! It goes from his armpit to his palm! There are so many things that I just didn't even think about that he can't do, like, go to the beach, ride his scooter, participate in P.E., practice the piano,....... the list just goes on and on! He has a good attitude about it all and someday I'm sure this will all be a fond memory!

I had to leave my mark on my little tough guy!


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spring Break......literally!

My cousin Abby's sweet baby, Olivia. How cute is she!

We had a busy spring break. We went to Utah and enjoyed many fun activities. We met baby Olivia. I saw my friend Steph's sweet baby boy. We rode horses, celebrated Grandma Jean's 81st birthday, saw the Hannah Montana movie the day befor it came out (our friend own's a movie theater so we got to go to the premier) and got to enjoy many other fun activities!
Now the downside. Lola was sick all week and Kye caught strep throat. I had an apioectemy and spent the week looking like a lopsided chipmunk. I don't know what part of the phrase "oral surgery" meant pain free to me befor the surgery but now I know why I was perscribed vicadin!
And now the crowning event....
On Friday we were having a funfilled cousin day at Hayley's house when Lucy came in to tell me that Kye had fallen out of the bounce house and broke his arm. I went out to give him the customary mother's kiss better when I realized that his left arm was forming a strange u-shape (think Harry Potter's arm from the second movie). I brought him in and told nurse Hayley that I thought it really was broke. She took one look at the misshapen mess and readily agreed with me. We called Todd and met him at the ER and then spent the next long 8 hours there. We were told there was a chance he would need surgery. We were grateful to find out it was just a severe break of both bones and would not require sugery. He told me that he was happy because they gave him a Charlie Brown sling. Oh boy, was Lucy jealous! Since returning to school he has received a lot of attention and is loving that part of it. My shy boy said "One good thing is that now everyone gives me a lot of attention!" I'm glad he's looking at the bright side of things!

Egg Hunt

The babies, Fisher, Lola and Milo.

Lucy's famous plumber crack!

I'll get you my pretty!

Lucy dyed her hand green in the egg dye and then spent the rest of the afternoon acting like the Wicked Witch of the West. Gotta love that girl!

We had the famous egg hunt indoors due to the spring showers. The kids didn't seem to mind. They were all as crazy as ever!


Kye was chosen as a class superstar and given an award. He has been doing so well in school and really become quite the little reader. When he was given the award he didn't see Todd and I in the back. His little face lit up when he finally saw us! His bumper sticker, like Ashton's, is displayed proudly on the wall above his bed.