Monday, May 16, 2011

We love our teachers

For Teacher Appreciation Day the kids helped me make a fun little gift! All it took was a couple of new bottles of my favorite sparkly nail polish.
We made these cute little cards and we were done! So easy!


When Todd and I moved into our ward they asked me to fill out a paper about us. One of the questions asked what our past callings in the church had been. After giving it to our Bishop, Todd said "I hope you didn't write that I have been a scout leader before because if you did then that will be the calling I'll get." I laughed and assured him that would not happen. Sure enough a few months later we BOTH got the calling to be the Wolf Den Leaders. I was no longer laughing!

Since then we have grown to love our calling and our rambunctious scouts! My dad was kind enough to let the us bring the boys down to ride his horses. It was so much fun! Kye was the only boy that had ever been on a horse before. I think it was a great experience for all!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Swimsuit Girl

Lola has reached that point in her life where she will only wear what she wants to wear! For awhile now that short list has consisted of 2 items: her "bear pajamas" and her swimsuit. As you can imagine this has made it hard to leave the house. Fortunately, I have recently convinced her that it's ok to wear a "pretty dress". Unfortunately, in her mind very few of her dresses can be considered "pretty"!


We started Easter morning with a delicious breakfast and then got to the good stuff!
We tortured the "big kids" and made them wait while the "babies" started on the egg hunt.

The usual suspects!

Sweet little Lizzy!

Lola's favorite thing was her money egg.

The Pinewood Derby

Kye competed in his second Pinewwood Derby this year. Last year, I helped him build his car because Todd was so busy. Kye did pretty well. He didn't win it all but he won several of his heats. This year, Kye was excited because Todd helped him build his car. It looked pretty cool when they were done but unfortunately Kye lost every single race. Yep, last place every time! When I told my mother-in-law she said that she dreaded the Pinewood Derby every year because inevitably Todd always had the slowest car. It must be in the Welker men's blood!
Despite having such a slow car, Kye had a great attitude and didn't let it get him down!

I made all the boys "gas tanks" out of juice boxes.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Zoo

This Spring has been so wet and cold. Spring Break as no exception! The kids had a full week off and Friday was the only nice and sunny day. So we headed to the Zoo.
My friend, Jamie and her kids came with us.

Lola still loves the elephants.

Lily and Lola's favorite thing was watching the turtles and desert animals. We couldn't get them to leave!