Sunday, July 25, 2010

Good-bye San Diego

We decided that before leaving our beloved San Diego we had better take advantage of the amazing photo opportunity that the beach provides. Our good friend, Brooke, came down to La Jolla Cove with us and took our picture. I loved the way they turned out and it felt like a good way to spend our last day in La Jolla.

Pinewood Derby

Kye made a car for his 1st pinewood derby. He even won most of his races!

Talent show

The week before school ended Kye participated in the 2nd Grade Talent Show.
The morning of the talent show I was preparing Kye's backpack for school when I found the reminder that Kye would be in the talent show in just a couple of hours. Oops! We had forgotten! Luckily, Kye inherited his father's musical abilities and without practicing, he was able to play a medley of songs that he had learned to play just by hearing them!