Sunday, August 29, 2010

Back to school

The kids started school on August 18th. Thanks to Lucy they were able to get into Freedom Academy Charter school. It is the #1 ranked elementary school in the state of Utah. It is Ashton's 4th elementary school and Kye's 3rd. They really seem to like the school, although Ashton does NOT love the uniforms. They love their teachers, especially Kye, the first thing he said when he saw her was "Wow, my teacher is really pretty!" . I think this might be there best year yet!

Free at last

Lola was so excited to get her cast off!
She's already up to her old tricks again!

Why we love Utah

the mountains...
the mountains...
the mountains....
the mountains!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Good Luck

It looks like Lola's luck has taken a turn for the better! She didn't need surgery. Her arm is healing on it's own. She got this super cute pink cast. She's been doing much better since getting the hard cast and she'll get it taken off on August 25th. After 3 visits to Primary Children's Hospital I feel very grateful to only be dealing with a broken arm. Every time we leave I find myself in tears for all the kids we've seen there who are dealing with things much worse than a broken arm. I am grateful for our families good health!
This is Violet. She is Lola's gift from Grandpa and Grandma Welker. She has become Lola's new best friend. She has been programmed to say Lola's name and knows some of Lola's favorite things. Violet sings a song about Lola's favorite animal (an elephant), favorite color (blue) and favorite food (burrito). You would think this would make a child happy but no, not Lola. Every time Violet says " I like burritos" Lola screams "No, I like burritos!" or "No, I like elephants!" and so forth. Oh, what are we to do with this child?

Monday, August 2, 2010

Does anyone know how to remove a curse?

There is a little black cloud that follows Lola around. Just when things seem to be going our way that little cloud starts to rain again. Sometimes it sprinkles. Sometimes it pours. Since last October Lola has been to the ER 5 times. This last time was the most serious.

On Tuesday night Todd and Lola were jumping on the trampoline. Lola fell back (still on the tramp) and stuck her arm out to catch herself. Todd heard a snap and Lola began crying immediately. When he brought her to me I saw that her left arm was twisting and hanging limply from above the elbow. The memories of Kye's twisted, misshapen broken arm came rushing back. So off to the ER we went...again.

Not only is her arm broken but it's a very rare, unusual break(of course). The orthopedic surgeon said he'd only ever seen one break like it in his career. She broke her humerus about half way up the bone. He put a soft cast on and sent us up to Primary Children's Hospital. The Pediatric Orthopedic surgeon there decided we should give it a week and see if it would stay set. She gave us a 50/50 chance. We return on Wednesday to find out if she will need surgery and a pin placed in it.

This is our family's 5th broken bone in the last 15 months and Lola's 2nd broken bone in 5 months. We need all the 4 leaf clovers, lucky horse shoes, rabbits feet, crossed fingers and of course, prayers, that we can get!

What have we been up to?

Since moving to Utah we've been so busy!
jumping rope,
camping with Kendall cousins,
catching and eating crawdads,

more camping (and eating dirt),

roasting marshmallows,
riding horses,


rolling rocks down Coleman's basin (yeah, we're hicks!),

catching up with old friends,
hiking Bridal Veil Falls,

and cruising in the GTX
and Corvette.
Yeah, we've been busy!