Sunday, March 28, 2010

Need some extra $? Open a lemonade stand!

My kids have been begging to do a lemonade stand. Saturday was 75 degrees so the kids made their signs and gathered their friends. I made the lemonade. Todd was worried that they wouldn't have any customers so he sat them down and explained that they might not make much money. Boy, was he wrong! I couldn't keep up with them on making the lemonade. At one point Ashton came running in the house telling me there were 6 people waiting and sure enough there were. The kids also ran out of ice and had to beg some off our neighbors. We quickly ran out of lemonade. When all was said and done they had made $30! It really was an example to me of just how kind people are. So many stopped to make a few kids very happy. The best part was after we had counted out and split the money Kye yelled " I'm taking my money and buying a soda (from our community room)!" They all cheered and followed. Gotta love kids!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring has sprung

It's finally starting to warm up out here(ok, so that means it's gone from 60 degrees to the 70's). That means one thing for us. Back to the beach!

Mormon Battalion

We took Rick, Linda, Kristi and Addi to see the newly renovated Mormon Battalion.

Again, Kye was chosen to wear the Soldier gear.
We overlooked it last time but were excited to find on display the saber that Todd's 3 time great- grandfather wore.

Whale watching minus the whales

While the Welkers were visiting we went on a Whale Watching excursion.
Our dutiful Captain did his best to help us spot the elusive whales.
Unfortunately, we did not see any whales. We did see a lot of dolphin. This picture doesn't do the dolphin justice there were 100's of them jumping in and out of the waves.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Birth week

At our house, we celebrate not just birthdays but birth weeks! Ashton's celebration included a party with all her best friends.

We took the kids to see "Alice in Wonderland". They all loved it and had so much fun!

We also celebrated with a trip to Disneyland. It was another fabulous day. No lines and tons of characters.

Lola rode one of her favorite rides with the White Rabbit and Alice. She could have cared less but I thought it was fun!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Birthday Girl

Our Leap Year girl turned 10 or 2 & 1/2 depending on how you look at it. She and I went on a little shopping trip to H&M kids. It was the first time she actually enjoyed shopping. She chose out her own clothes and we had so much fun.
She asked me to make an Oreo cookie ice cream roll.

She such a great kid.
She's so creative.
She loves to read.
She loves to make up her own stories.
She's a great speller. She always gets 100 on her spelling tests.
She's super responsible, always does her homework, violin and piano.
She's very organized. Her part of the bedroom is always spotless.
She's a good example and a good friend.
We're pretty lucky she's ours!

More bad luck

We had our 5th trip to the ER since April and our 3rd broken bone. Lola was sitting on a chair and reached out for the desk. She couldn't quite reach it and lost her balance and fell. I saw the fall and was worried about how hard she hit her head. I picked her up and she cried herself to sleep. When she woke up she was ok for a minute but every time she moved into certain positions she would start to cry. So for the 5th time in 10 months we headed back to the ER. After waiting there for 4 hours, we found out Lola had fractured her clavicle bone. They don't do anything for it except to give her pain medication. She's been a little sad but over all she's a trooper!

Lola's 1st braids

I just had to post Lola's first braids.