Sunday, September 12, 2010

I've caught the fever!

The latest addition to my Dad's car collection. His Dodge Challenger. (I can't remember the year. How can I keep track of all of them?)

My dad put all 4 of his cars in the Labor day car show. He needed us to help him drive them down to the show. Todd drove the AMX. It has a racing clutch and Todd drove it perfectly. Yeah, he's pretty much amazing at everything!
I got to drive the 1970 GTX. Ash rode with me. It was such a rush. When I told my mom how much I loved it she said "So you've caught the fever?". Yeah, I have! The best part is everyone we passed yelled and hollered and those with mullets went really crazy. When it came time to come home there were a bunch of guys standing around salivating over the cars. I got in and my dad told me to push the gas down about half way and then start it. I did and it didn't start so I tried again this time giving it more gas. I gave it a little to much gas and it roared to life. I think they could hear it all the way in Spanish Fork. At least I did better than my sister Emily, she fish tailed the Challenger all the way across the grass......Ahhhh, women and cars!
So the best part is that out of the 94 cars entered,the GTX won the best in show award. I think it was my magic touch!

Golden Onion Days

Seriously! Who wouldn't want to go to the Payson Golden Onion Days? The parade, chasing the floats as they throw candy, the carnival rides, the car show, the cotton candy, the scones, the booths..........we love it all!

Oh, the carni! So much good clean fun and only $4 a ride!
Tradition! What more can I say?


Emily and I took the kids to the Thanksgiving Point Dinosaur Museum.
Milo is absolutely obsessed with dinosaurs. He was so busy checking out the dinosaurs. I couldn't get him to look at the camera. So I got a lot of pictures of the back of his head.

Milo's obsession has rubbed off on Lola. She walks around our house roaring.

We had a great time but we're all happy to be alive now and not back in the day of the dinosaurs!