Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The big party!

We had a great Halloween, despite the rain! Our ward had a trunk-or-treat inside the church and then Todd took Ash and Kye around the neighborhood. Needless to say the kids got a lot of candy!
Lola was so excited to be a fairy. She wore her costume every day for the last month and continues to wear it daily.

My ever-so-creative sister, Emily, made Jesse and Woody costumes for herself and Cody to match Milo's Buzz Lightyear.
We threw our annual Halloween Party on Friday. It was fabulous, even the weather cooperated!

We had over 60 guests join us for good food and good fun!
When it was all over Todd asked Ash what was her favorite part. She said she loved announcing the winners of the costume contest.

Straight A boy

Kye also got straight A's. He works pretty hard but I think his "cute boy charm" may have helped. Every time we go to the store Kye buys his teacher a KitKat, his teachers favorite candy bar.

I recently went on a field trip with Kye's class to see a play. Kye is such a good kid. There is an autistic boy in his class and Kye has made him his best friend. This little boy is obsessed praying mantis and it was so cute to watch Kye and his other friends indulge this boy and listen to him repeat all the known facts on praying mantis. The world is a better place with Kye in it.

Dedicated Girl

Ashton has continued to play in the school orchestra this year. She is one dedicated little girl. Every other school day she goes to school an hour early to violin lessons. They recently had a concert and it was great!
Since I am bragging about Ashton, I'll just keep going. She got straight A's and her teacher gave her an awesome compliment, she wrote "Ashton works harder than just about any 5th grader I have had the privilege to teach. She is an eager learner and tries to master every subject. Ashton also gets along with everyone. We are very lucky to have Ashton in our 5th grade."
We love our Ashton!