Sunday, March 29, 2009

More fun in the sun

Hayley, her kids, Clay and Chayla came and spent a few days. These kids love each other!

What a difference a year can make! One year ago my brother, Clay, was suffering so deeply at the hands of his unfaithful wife. Watching him go through such a horrible time was excruciating for all of us. I never could have imagined that one short year later he could be so happy. He is getting married June 5th and I've never seen him so happy. He and Chayla seem meant for each other. She is such a cute girl and we are all so happy for them!

Full House

They are going to love this picture when they get older!

The twins! It's so fun to see Milo and Lola together but it made me grateful that I don't have twins!

Spring has sprung! Everyone has Spring fever and for us that means a lot of visitors! Everyone wants to come enjoy sunny San Diego. We have had a full house this month. First Todd's family came for a weekend and of course did the Welker family favorite- Disneyland! Unfortunately, I was not in photographer mode and missed the whole trip.

A few days after the Welkers left my mom, dad, Emily and Milo came. Milo and Lola are so cute together! We spent a day at Seaworld and I think we convinced Grandpa Mark that San Diego is almost as fun as hunting in South Dakota or Arkansas or wherever the wind may blow him!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Little Miss Mischief

Lola's favorite new past time is rummaging through the fridge. She crawls as fast as she can toward the fridge every time it is opened. She then laughs as she dumps all the food on the floor. I am reminded of why we so fondly used to refer to Kye as "Destructo". I know it's not very "green" to allow my child to sit there with the fridge door open for extended periods of time, but how can I deny that happy little face? Which brings me to another subject. My sister, Hayley, says I post more pictures of Lola than my other 2 kids. Once again, how can I not post the pictures of my sweet babe ? She's just way too cute!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Ashton turns 2 1/4!

Ash was born on Leap Day so she is officially 2 &1/4! We celebrated by having a fun party and going to dinner at BJ's. Ash got a delicious pizookie to celebrate!

What is a pizookie? The look on Ash's face tells it all! The best dessert ever!

Ash's party was really fun. Ash wrote out minute-by-minute plan for the party. It started out like this " 1When they arrive let them choose out a nail polish. 2 Paint their nails. 3 Have treats.....". It all went fabulously thanks to Ash's party planning skills!

The girls painted their nails, got Hannah Montana rings, streaked their hair and did all things "girly".

Everyone decorated their own cupcakes. Ashton has such great friends. I love that they are from such diverse backgrounds.

The day was topped off when that night at dinner Ashton put her head on my shoulder and said " I had an amazing day!".