Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Grotto

Todd went to a conference and my dad took Kye elk hunting so my mom and I took the girls to hike an old favorite, The Grotto.

The Fall leaves have fallen....
but it couldn't have been more beautiful!

Fall Favorites

These are a few of my favorite things
The Fall
Park City
delicious fresh-mex

How lucky am I that I was able to enjoy all these things with my life-long friend Steph!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Sweet Little Lizzy

My brother Clay and his wife Chayla had their sweet little baby Eliza Jane on August 26th. Moments after she was delivered they were given the news that she had Down Syndrome. As common in most children with Down's she also has a hole in her heart and she spent the next long month in the NICU at Primary Children's Hospital. They were finally able bring her home last week.

She is the sweetest little thing! Clay and Chayla have been so amazing and strong through it all. They absolutely adore her. They are going to be the greatest parents
Todd has a sister that also has a daughter with Down Syndrome. My kids only have 8 cousins combined on both sides and now 2 of those 8 have Down Syndrome. Despite the challenges that it brings we feel so blessed and honored to have them in our family. They bring such a special spirit and have so much love to share.

To read more on Lizzy's birth click HERE

The Bad News Bears

Soccer season has come and gone. Kye proved to be a pretty amazing player but his team, which I fondly refer to as "The Bad News Bears", failed to win a single game. We knew things were bad when the day of the first game came and his team still didn't have a coach. We all showed up to the game and reluctantly one of the dads agreed to coach. Todd currently spends about 14 hours a day trying to finish his dissertation but he told the coach if he needed help Todd would help coach. At every game Kye's team seemed to be about a head shorter than the opposing team. They also only had 6 or 7 players show up for each game. You need 7 to play! After the 2nd game the coach asked Todd to coach the next 2 games because he would be gone. The coach then didn't show up for the next 3 games and when he finally did come back he sat by and didn't coach so Todd stepped up and became the coach.
Bless their little hearts! They tried so hard and never gave up. Because so few of them showed up for each game they never got to rotate in and never got a break! They were so exhausted by the end of each game! There is a lot to be learned from losing and although it may seem strange I am glad Kye had this opportunity. He kept a positive outlook through out and I'm so proud of him.
Since Todd wasn't the "real" coach we weren't sure what to do after the last game about a medal or trophy. So I made them "medals" out of licorice ropes. A few of them asked where there real medals were! Oh well, I tried!