Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A little bit of this......

Forgive me for rambling but ultimately my blog is my scrapbook. I need to jot down a few things about our little Miss Lola before I forget. Throughout the day while the kids are at school Lola will climb into Ashton's bed. I find her under the covers cuddling with "Scruffy". She has also become extremely independent and insists on walking down our stairs by herself. Any time she hears music she begins to dance. The girls got the moves! She has also become quite the talker. Her favorite word is "NO". ( What else could you expect from a daughter of mine?) Her other favorite words are down, side (outside), shoes (she only has about 20 pairs), more and Lola. She also says ahbin-dahbin. We have not yet figured out what it means but she loves to walk around repeating it. She is growing so fast. We're just wishing for time to slow down and trying to enjoy every minute.

Buddy Walk

This is our sweet niece Addi. We went to Arizona last weekend to join her for the Buddy Walk for Down Syndrome. Her dad Steve designed the best t-shirts and we all went to a park in Phoenix and joined many other families with Down Syndrome children. Despite being over 100 degrees, it was such a fun event. They had all kinds of fun activities for kids. The kids had a blast! It was such a great experience to celebrate these sweetest of all children. You can't help but to fall in love with them.

The kids loved climbing the rock wall. Thanks Uncle Cody for being teaching them. They were the fastest kids up that wall!

Team Addi

Saturday, October 3, 2009

New York

Todd and I spent a weekend in New York to celebrate our 10th anniversary. Our anniversary is in February but we waited until Sept. because I was still nursing Lola. New York is amazing! We stayed 1 block off Times Square. Times Square is crazy. At any given time of the day it was crowded and busy. I loved to just sit and people watch.
We visited St. Patrick's Cathedral. It was beautiful amongst all the big square high rises.

We spent time in Central Park. It's so nice and calming in the middle of all the craziness.
No, we didn't see the show but Todd was happy just to see the theater.
Todd grew up watching the movie Bye Bye Birdie. When he heard the Broadway Show was playing in New York he really wanted to see it. I was fine seeing it because it starred John Stamos. Come on, you know Uncle Jesse is hot!

Our hotel was right next to the Midtown Fire Station. Nine years later people are still leaving flowers in memory of those who died in 9-11.

We visited St Paul's Chapel. It is right across from Ground Zero. The graveyard was covered in debris for along time after 9-11. The chapel was used as a makeshift hospital following the act of terror. It was a place of refuge and peace. I'm generally not an emotional person but I could not stop the tears.
Ground Zero
The Brooklyn Bridge
We walked from one end of Manhattan to the other. We ate lunch in Chinatown. The food was good but the streets stunk like rotten fish. If Todd looks mad in this picture it is because I couldn't help but to keep repeating how bad it smelled!
Little Italy was celebrating some kind a saint day. It was insane! We were wishing we had waited to eat there! Who can pass up some yummy Italian food while sitting next to some guy who looks like he belongs on The Sopranos?
After eating cheesecake every night at midnight I gained 3 pounds. It was worth every bite!
The Empire States building
We went to sacrament meeting at the chapel inside the temple. Unfortunately, I forgot my skirt so it was the first time I've ever attended church in my jeans. After meeting some of the families in the ward that are attending Columbia University I felt very grateful to live in San Diego where my children have open space and green grass to play on.
We took a row boat out for spin in Central Park.
Me and Al Roker
We took a harbor tour and saw the Statue of Liberty.
The End!