Thursday, April 7, 2011

My Boy

Just take a wild guess- how old are these shoes? a year? 6 months? NO! I bought these for Kye less than 1 month ago. He does this to every pair of shoes that he owns. All I can say is he is ALL boy!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Ski Day

I have to say it's pretty sweet to have the regional Rossignol Ski rep in your family! My mom, Hayley and I took the kids for an amazing ski day at Sundance.

My kids are pretty amazing little skiiers!

Bon Jovi (this post will totally age me!)

I went to Bon Jovi with my two "oldest" friends.OK so, no they are not old. We've just been friends for a very long time. LeeAnn and I since we were 3 and Steph and I met at age 9 and we've all stayed close ever since. Lucky, right? So when we heard Bon Jovi was coming it took us straight back to middle school and we knew we had to go back and relive our glory days!
Originally, we were going to dress totally 80's like these guys. I was even going to use perm rods to get the perfect 80's style but Todd told me that we might get beat up by all the people that still dress like that(and there were plenty of them at the concert)so anyway we chickened out but next time we're going all out!
The concert was amazing and now our "school girl crush" on Jon Bon Jovi has come back with a vengance! I think I'm going to make Todd relearn all his songs to sing to me!