Tuesday, February 16, 2010

St. George

After 2 nights in Brianhead, my sisters and I took the kids to stay in St. George for 2 nights. We love St. George and the kids just can't get enough of each other.

The kids flew their new kites and were the hit of the park.

We celebrated Lucy's 6th birthday at Pirate Island. Thank goodness those cheap plastic swords broke after about the 10th hit!

Pangutich Lake

While at Brianhead, we went ice-fishing and snowmobiling. I've decided that it's great to have fun things, like snowmobiles, but it's even better to have a sister that owns them. No maintenance, yet you still get to enjoy them!

Fisher and the fish (Don't worry, we put the poor little thing back).

Kye is definitely his Grandpa's boy and enjoys all the outdoor stuff just like my dad.


The kids and I spent President's Day Weekend with my family. This is the beautiful cabin we stayed in at Brianhead.
If we ever move back to Utah, I am going to start skiing again. Being up there made me realize how much I miss it.
Both Ash and Kye are great little skiers!

Jeremy's always a good sport and we're glad that he always hooks us up when it comes to skiing. Thanks Jer!

Grandma and the kids made Valentine cookies.