Monday, March 21, 2011

ST George trip

We were able to spend a warm and sunny weekend with the Welkers in ST George. We had a blast!
We spent one day at Snow Canyon. It was beautiful!

The kids loved playing on the petrified sand dunes.

It was a fabulous weekend!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ash's wild party!

Ashton had the best birthday party ever but the night before it looked like we were going to have to cancel! We decided to do a combined party for Ash and Lucy at my Aunt's tumbling gym in Heber. To get to Heber from Provo you have to drive through Provo Canyon and of course the news was predicting the "storm of the century" to hit the day of the party. We went to bed the night before not knowing if we would be able to go to Heber the next morning. The party was to begin at 11 am and when we woke up there was 9 fresh inches of snow on the ground with snow continuing to fall. Luckily for us it cleared up by 10 and by 11 we were on our way!

Lucy and Ash got more presents than 2 girls could ever need!

Ashton has such a good group of friends. They are all really sweet girls.

It was so fun! Thanks Aunt Bev!

Viva Las Vegas

I have been working for my lifelong friend, Jamie. She has a clothing boutique and I help her choose what she is going to sell. It's super fun. In February there was a giant clothing convention in Las Vegas. Our anniversary is Feb 13th and Jamie and Jordan's is just one week before ours so we decided to drag our husbands along and make a vacation out of it. We had a great time.
We kept laughing as we walked down the strip because seriously we are probably the 4 most un-"Vegas like" people. I think I drove everyone crazy with all my comments that at any moment the earth was just going to open up and swallow the strip. Luckily, that did not happen while we were on it!