Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Special Day!

Ashton had her big day on March 1st.It was such a great day. Her 2nd "real" birthday was on Friday Feb. 29th. It's so fun having a leap day birthday! Ash came down sick 2 days befor her birthday. She had a really high fever and we were nervous she would not be well for her baptism or birthday. Todd gave her a blessing and she was well in time for both. We now realize that this truly was a miracle because her sickness has been passed through the family and I have now been sick for 12 days. We're so grateful that she felt better in time to enjoy both.

Grandpa and Grandma Welker and Aunt Kristi were able to come up for a fun weekend. We're so blessed with great family and had a lot of support for the baptism. Ashton felt really loved!


ChaseandKristi said...

So Awesome! She is so cute in her baptism clothes. What a great day for you guys.