Sunday, September 11, 2011


Lola is so fun right now I thought I'd better record some of the funny things that she says.

Lola "Mom, look at me" as she tries to touch her nose with her tongue which is a Brown family trait.

Me " That's great, Lola"

Lola " You do it, Mom"

After I touch my tongue to my nose Lola laughs and says " I didn't know you could do that Mom"

Me "Lola, don't you know your mom is amazing?"

Lola "You're not amazing. Emily(my sister) is amazing!"

Then today while looking at my wedding photo on the wall Lola asked "Mom is this when you were a princess?"

Me "Yes, that's when I married your dad."

Lola "And Dad was your prince!"


Finch Family said...

Ha ha! Some day I will teach you how to be amazing.
Milo saw our wedding pics the other day and he was so upset that he wasn't in any of them.

Amberly said...

She did ask where she was, too. When I replied that she was still in heaven with Heavenly Father she got mad and said "I don't want to be with him". I'm in trouble with this one!

Lana said...

She is so adorable! I miss you guys so much! I think of you often!